Physical Therapists Email List Database
Physical Therapists Email List Database
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Physical Therapists 125,000 total records with 5,252 emails and 4,384 fax numbers

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Physical Therapists

Trust us when we say that physical therapists have become as rare as a needle in the haystack.  Or maybe they always were but there weren’t so many broken bones to fix. Nevertheless, as rare as they might be this list we are offering is even rarer. We all know that as far as these therapists are concerned we rely on search engines or word of mouth because we have no idea where in the name of God they are hiding out, our very rare and exclusive list exposes all the finest and best in the business to you!

Anyhow, the list; the awesome physical therapists email list is a compilation of all these golden names that you are dying to know. Yes, dying of pain and stiff joints; not exaggerating here. This list will consist of,

  • Name of therapist
  • Any clinic he owns or works at
  • Specialty
  • Qualification/years of experience
  • Address
  • State/city
  • Zip code
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Website URL (if any)


So there you have it; doesn’t get any better than this right? Get your list today so you don’t get lost every time your knee shouts out in protest. Know where to go, when to go. Pinpoint to a location near you. And if you’re the travelling type, even better! Also, if you’re a general physician you can recommend consulting the exact physical therapist. Thank us when you see them impressed by this feat. This list is for many; doctors, head of hospitals looking to hire a competent physical therapist, a speaker needing attendance of physical therapists at some seminar, a seller of therapeutic equipments, potential patients and maybe the therapists themselves. Like they say, know your competition.


This list would enable you to get first hand contact with your type of physical therapist. They are in hiding no more. Hallelujah! Get thy list today!!

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