Church Email List – Pastor Mailing List – Churches List
Church Email List – Pastor Mailing List – Churches List
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Churches in the USA – 155,312 Records with all emails.

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Churches can be a handful, there is just so much to them; so many types, denominations, affiliations and ethnicities. It can get quite maddening honestly. And they can be so hidden sometimes, basking in their mystery in the shadow of trees. We realize that a church is not some corner store that we can waltz in, get what we want and leave. Churches are divided into many types as mentioned above. So how to know which one is right for you?


Tadaa! That’s where we come in folks. What we have for you is a rare commodity; all churches in the USA email list. This list is divided into specifications; so if you’re catholic, or Presbyterian or Lutheran it doesn’t matter. No exhaustive searching anymore. What this list offers is all these types, where to find them, their contact basics and even the pastor in charge. Also, ethnicity is important in our opinion and if say, migrants have their own church set up then why not make it easy for them to find it. There will be complete geographical and demographical orientations.


So who ever you are, a devout worshipper looking for solace, one of those public speaking groups, a seller of anything “churchlike”, some tourism corporation wanting to promote man-made beauty in God’s home or a young couple wanting to get their newest baptized, this list should be on your must have list. We all have one of those coffee table books titled something along the lines of “Beautiful churches of…..”. Well, maybe it’s high time we check it out right?


This is a great way of spreading your message or campaign since churches are public, visited by all at some point. This list will give you the holy 101 of the whole country, no pun intended. So, what are you waiting for? Come find your church!

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