How does our program compare to other email extractors out there? Quite simply ours performs better and works faster than any other email harvester available. If you’re interested in such a program or have used one before you know how important speed is. Compiling large email lists can take hours, even days. Doing the work manually can be a real chore. Email extractors are designed to do this work for you so of course speed is an issue. We’ve tested all the major extractors out there and find that ours works at speeds you just can’t get with the other programs. That’s the number one reason our customers choose us.

We also offer much better support and customer support features than almost any other extractor program. When you purchase Email Extractor 14 you’ll get something you can’t find anywhere else: free software updates for life! Whenever we update our software or release a new version you’ll receive an email and an invitation to download the new version–absolutely free! This is just one way we try to thank our customers and offer great service. You can also rest easy knowing you can contact us at any time with questions or concerns about our product.

Our spider is incredibly easy to use. Despite everything it can do you’ll have no trouble using all of our program’s features. We’ve stream-lined everything to prevent confusing menus or annoying hidden features. Everything is visible, from the extracted list of email addresses on the right side of the program to the search options on the left. We’ve done this to ensure you don’t waste your time and get what you want quickly. This is very important to a number of our clients, especially those that may not have the best computer skills. Rest assured you’ll have no trouble using EE14–we guarantee!

Lastly, our program gives you a number of search options to help you find email addresses that target the audience you’re looking for exactly. Getting your advertisements or marketing to the right people is one of the most important steps, that’s why we’ve integrated great search options. You have three search options with our program: search by keyword, by specific website or by file. These options give you the power to find what you need within minutes.

If you’ve been spending hours compiling lists of email addresses for your needs, whether it’s simple marketing or mass email advertising, we’ve got you covered. Our program does the work that makes email harvesting programs so great but we do it in half the time. Just input some basic information into EE 14 (such as a website address or a long list of keywords) and our program will go to work for you. No further input is required from you! Just wait for the program to finish searching and you’ll have a large and complete list of email addresses to use. Now all you need to do is save them to your hard drive!

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