Email marketing is a great tool to reach out to both current and potential customers. With nearly half of all internet users checking their email every day, email marketing has proven to be very effective. There are a few disadvantages to this system though. These disadvantages range from simply inconvenient to serious legal issues. The good news is that the disadvantages are completely avoidable if email marketing is done correctly.

When marketing the traditional way, it can be tricky to tell how much the advertising is really paying off. With email marketing that isn’t a problem. You can track who views the emails and if they take any action such as subscribing or purchasing a product based off the email. This makes your return on investment simple to track and allows you to adjust your marketing accordingly. Another advantage of email marketing is being able to target a very large group of people at once. A company that is able to directly advertise to all of their subscribers at once will have a significant advantage over one that is unable to.

Email marketing does have a few disadvantages that can slow down or even harm potential advertisers who aren’t careful. The first issue advertisers have to deal with is accuracy and delivery rate. There is no guarantee that people will supply the correct email addresses. A large portion of emails are never actually delivered due to faulty information. Even the ones that are find themselves in the users spam box more often than advertisers would like. The next and more serious disadvantage to email marketing is violating spam laws. Both the United States and EU have very tough anti-spam laws. If an advertiser is careless, they may find themselves in legal trouble or facing fines for sending unsolicited emails. These troubles will both hurt the company’s image and force them to engage in a costly legal battle.

Overall, there are many advantages and disadvantages to email marketing. By researching and ensuring things are done properly, a company will reap the advantages of email marketing while avoiding the few disadvantages.

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