Thank you so much for making your email extractor so affordable. After downloading your software I began seeing a huge increase in my sales. I’ve tried other means to increase sales in the past, including other email harvesters. Your product by far exceeded my expectations. Again, thank you for putting a product out there that actually works like it says it does.

Bill, San Antonio

I purchased your email extractor some time ago and I felt the need to write in. Email extractor 14 was such a small investment for my home business and I saw that investment return to me in no time. Your program allows me to harvest emails that actually have a good potential for reaching the customers I want. This extractor is definitely the best investment you can make in a small business!

Thanks again,
Todd Anderson

To the makers of Email Extractor – 14,
I can’t even believe how great your extractor works when I compared it to other email harvesters I tried. I heard from a business contact online that email harvesters can really help you reach more people but I was hesitant. I didn’t believe they could really make any difference. Well, since I began using your email extractor last month I’ve seen a 23% increase in my sales. I was beginning to think I’d never succeed but now I see how easy it can be when you have the power to reach the right people.


You really surprised me. I tried an email harvester about six months ago and was completely unimpressed. Someone recommended your program and told me it was different. Well, since it was free to try I decided to give it one last chance. Wow, this program is definitely something else! I used your email harvester to extract websites based on some keywords that relate to my business. It took no time at all for me to get a list of hundreds of potential customers to target. I’m so relieved I gave your software a try. Thanks!

–Mike B., Los Angeles

Before your email extractor I was doing things the hard way. I would spend hours collected lists of random emails to use. With Email Extractor 14 I get full lists of emails based on keywords I choose. I’ve made 12 sales this week alone thanks to your email harvester. Thank you so much for making such a great product! I would never have the success I do today if it wasn’t for Email Extractor 14.


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