Lite 1.4 is a free web-based application provided by many website(s) such as and, which give you the ability to extract email addresses by pasting into the formm content including e-mail addresses and of course lite 1.4 will extract instantly valid emails.

Forget lite 1.4 and try for free email extractor 14

Unlike lite 1.4, email extractor 14 have the ability to search for e-mail addresses based on your preffered keywords and country using the biggest search engine(s) such as Google and Bing.

Example, let’s say you need email addresses from user’s that are interest in sending flowers to nigeria, all you have to do is to download email extractor 14, install it on your computer and enter the keyword(s) or phrases that your interested into the software, in this example “Flowers” and “Send Flowers”.

After a couple of seconds email extractor 14 will extract thousands of email addresses using the keyword(s) you have entered for, look the screenshot taken below while used only 2 keywords.

Lite 1.4 - vs - Email Extractor 14

2,774 email addresses extracted using only 2 keywords. Imagine instead of 2 keywords to enter 200 keywords into the software, how many targeted email addresses are you was going to extract?

For keyword ideas we highly recommend the “Google Keyword Tool” which can be found here,

Simply enter 1 or more keywords and the google keyword tool will suggest you many other similar keywords and phrases so you can insert them in email extractor 14.

Try Email Extractor 14 – Absolutely Free Of Charge

With email extractor 14 not only you get a bunch of email addresses but you get real,keyword-targeted aswell as geographical-targeted potiential customers within seconds.

You may try and use email extractor 14 free of charge, whenever you decide to go with the full version simply enter to our website and click on the Order Button.

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