Individuals who are serious about reaching the right group of potential buyers to sell a product or service online understand the importance of a good email harvester. The EE14 (Email Extractor 14 ) offered at our site is free. But, not only is it free, it is the best piece of software out there today for harvesting email addresses for marketing campaigns.

Many individuals, as smart as they may be, sit down for hours to extract only a couple hundred emails for a marketing campaign. This is wasted time; and, time equals money. EE14 is so much faster than any other email extractor out there – it can extract 1,000 unique email addresses within a minute’s time; this is said to be 100 times faster than any other application for harvesting emails. Also, no other harvester has the user-friendly and easy to use and understand tools that this one does. Many are very hard to understand and set – making for a very poor utilization of time. Don’t frustrate yourself – go for something that is fast and easy to use and start getting more potential sales than ever before!

Not only does this piece of software harvest emails and do it with lightening fast speeds, it also has many features which make harvesting emails a cinch. Users of this application can expect user-friendly tools and easy to change settings. The best thing about this software outside of its speed is the fact that one can set parameters for harvesting, such as: where to pull email addresses from (i.e. your local machine, a website, a domain, or search results by keyword). With this unique function, you no longer have to waste time sending copy to individuals who will not be interested in your product or service. Everyone, no matter the industry, can appreciate the value of finding and pumping information to a target market. Moreover, they all understand the importance of time management and the fact that time is money. With EE14, you never have to waste time again; just sit back, and let the extractor harvest away!

The difference in this product, as opposed to others of its kind, is speed. EE14 crawls the internet or your PC swiftly and accurately. When using this application, you never have to wonder where your sales copy is going – you will already know! For instance, if you are targeting young men who have searched for male enhancement information, that is exactly what the extractor is going to bring back; it will never bring back an elderly woman who has searched for dentures in the past 30 days – this is the Email Extractor 14 difference!

It is proven that this tool works way faster than any other of its kind. People all around the world are trying EE14 and are amazed with the results. This application can be downloaded for free at and you are not obligated to purchase anything. Go ahead and try it today – you have nothing at all to loose and lots of sales to gain!

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