Sales and marketing representatives rely on gaining large numbers of email contacts in order to promote their products – in fact, the more email addresses they can gather, the more sales and the more profit they can make. The biggest stumbling block that lies between sales success and failure is collecting these emails in a timely manner. Searching website after website manually for email addresses is not only tedious, but also error prone and painfully slow, taking up vast amounts of time that could be devoted to creating and enhancing sales pitches, among other things. Email harvester programs can dramatically reduce the amount of work necessary, but there is only one product that effectively and reliably collect thousands of emails with our software.

Our email extractor essentially does all of the work that a human being would have to do by hand up to 100 times quicker and more reliably. This program works by gathering email addresses from thousands of websites via the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo, using a number of search criteria and techniques, . Users can customize the search options, using either domain names or other more specialized criteria. The results are then compiled into a neat list that can be exported to your contact list in just minutes.

Aside from being one of the fastest email harvester programs currently on the market, it is also one of the most reliable. Other programs not only lack the speed that this program offers, but they can also stutter or simply freeze up altogether, usually from not being able to handle large volumes of email addresses. Email Extractor does this with ease, all while being light on computer resources. It can also be run in the background, meaning that users can perform other important tasks while the program runs without stopping or being a drain on system memory and hard drive space.

Users are attracted to the program’s user friendly interface. No longer are tedious instruction manuals needed just to operate email extractor software at a basic level, nor does the user have to sort through menu after menu just to adjust basic settings. Email Extractor was designed to be one of the easiest programs to use, and the easy-to-use navigation proves just that. Without having to deal with a steep learning curve, marketing and sales teams can work to maximize profits and expand sales.

Email Extractor 14 is also a program that does not require a lot of “babysitting”. Once the initial settings and search options are set, little to nothing else needs to be done, as the program is capable of operating with very little input needed by the user once the program is underway. This automated feature is also paired up with an auto-save function that prevents work from being lost. These features are what make Email Extractor 1.4 stand out from other email harvesting programs.

Customers continue to be pleased with the speed and reliability that this program has to offer. Visit the site at and download a free trial version of this effective software.

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