Email Extractor 14 act’s like an email spider. Typically, a website or directory is entered into the software so it knows where to look for email addresses. This is a great way to extract email addresses from a specific location using this software.

The email spider software can locate addresses from almost any web address including newsgroups and message boards. If you want to create a mailing list of people interested in a natural health website, entering the website address will provide you with a target list of people who have signed up with the website because they are interested in natural health.

Because email spidering is so efficient at putting together targeted lists of people interested in a specific topic, it is often used for creating mailing lists for newsletters or special email promotions. Not only does it gather the email addresses of people interested in a given subject, but the software also saves these lists to files so you can return to the list and edit or update it later.

If you work with a large volume of email addresses, spidering software can save you a lot of time. The software is fast! Time that would have been wasted searching, updating and saving files is free when you let spidering software do the work for you. The software is able to save thousands of email addresses in only minutes. The software can retain the name of the website from which the list was extracted, for your information.

In addition to being able to target websites and online sources, spider software can find and save email addresses from specific locations on your computer. If you have email lists that you have created in the past, spider software can locate them on your computer and edit or update them with additional email addresses.

Duplicated email addresses can be identified in stored lists. Notification prompts can be created to notify the user when new email addresses are located. Sometimes, search terms can be used to scan a website email address associated with specific keywords. This is a very useful tool for internet marketers wishing to locate the email addresses of users that meet a specific criteria or search term. The user can also specify settings to automatically terminate a non-responsive connection in the event of a connection error to prevent the software from stalling. There are also sorting capabilities, so the user can rearrange the retrieved email addresses and create reports. There are often have several options for the format in which the file is saved, such as database files, spreadsheet files, or html files for storing on the internet.

For website owners that wish to secure email addresses, the software can be used to verify the security of the addresses. Testing can be done on a secure website to ensure unauthorized internet users can not retrieve the email addresses.

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