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Note: Records come with company name,email,address,phone,fax,website,NAICS code, SIC code, SIC code description and much more.

Wyoming Email List

$325.00 (USD)Wyoming email list database with 185,479  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

An email list is essential for starting a promotional campaign for your products through direct email. The email list contains particulars of customers who do not mind getting the email and also [...]

$325.00 (USD)
Wisconsin Email List

$550.00 (USD)Wisconsin email list database with 1,958,338  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Operating results of any good company are likely to remain positive all the time if its marketing efforts have been fruitful, with orders coming in plenty with good margins of profit. A [...]

$550.00 (USD)
West Virginia Email List

$375.00 (USD)West Virginia  email list database with 548,227  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

West Virginia
Every aspect of modern life has become an activity guided by high technology. However, there are a few functions which are still carried out in an old fashioned way though [...]

$375.00 (USD)
Washington Email List

$550.00 (USD)Washington  email list database with 2,488,507  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

The marketing strategy of using email lists have been practiced ever since the internet became the most effective means of communication. Because it reaches the target instantly it is not surprising email [...]

$550.00 (USD)
Visiting Nurses & RN’s Email List Database

$175.00 (USD)Visiting Nurses & RN’s medical list database with 90,741 total records with 2,750 emails and 2,425 fax numbers
File Type: .xls

Visiting Nurses & RN’s
‘My kids are extremely accident prone, and I’m forever calling the paramedics for first aid!’
‘I’m a working parent and I wish I [...]

$175.00 (USD)
Virginia Email List

$550.00 (USD)Virginia  email list database with 2,957,384  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Email promotional marketing has come to be recognized as the least expensive but one of the most productive methods of promotional efforts. Like in all forms of communications email marketing has completely [...]

$550.00 (USD)
Veterinarian Email List – Veterinarian List

$175.00 (USD)Veterinarians 78,986 total records with 1,438 email addresses and 1,050 fax numbers .
File Type: .xls

‘Is there such a thing as diabetes in dogs?’
‘What’s the best way to train my reptile?’
Ever been in a situation where you need to find a cure for your pet’s [...]

$175.00 (USD)
Vermont Email List

$275.00 (USD)Vermont  email list database with 116,487 records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Email marketing though a popular and effective method for generation of orders is no longer a simple process that it was to start with. Different types of email lists are being brought [...]

$275.00 (USD)
VARs and IT Consultants Email Addresses Database List

$125.00 (USD)VARs and IT Consultants Database – 11,500 VAR and IT consultant Email Addresses in the USA
File Type: .xls

VARs and IT Consultants
Technology hits its advance stages on daily basis. All the updates and modern technologies are introduced in the market every day. Tech savvy people [...]

$125.00 (USD)
Utah Email List

$425.00 (USD)Utah email list database with 823,644  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Different strategies are adopted by businesses promoting their products. The marketing teams work according to budget and split the expenses among different methods of marketing depending on the expected returns from every [...]

$425.00 (USD)
USA Consumer Email List – 115 Million Records

$925.00 (USD)2012 USA Consumer Email List Database with 115 Million Full Data Records and All Email Addresses.
File Type: .xls

$925.00 (USD)
US Surgery Centers Email List Database

$175.00 (USD)US Surgery Centers = 85,000 records with full data and 14k email addresses
File Type: .xls

Surgery Centers
Having a surgery is a huge step and one needs to be familiar with all the options available before taking that step. Who is the most competent surgeon for [...]

$175.00 (USD)
US Business Email List

$325.00 (USD)American Business Email List Database with 4 million emails various businesses.
File Type: .xls

American Business
What if we told you that there is a way to get in contact with all major American businesses, big and small sectored? The number goes in millions dear readers. Just [...]

$325.00 (USD)
University List – College List – Schools in the US

$499.00 (USD)University/College/Schools List in the US ( United States Of America ) = 420,211 Records with all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

$499.00 (USD)
UK Consumer Email List

$175.00 (USD)UK Consumers Email list Database with 1 million Full Data Records and Email Addresses from the united kingdom.
File Type: .xls

$175.00 (USD)
Texas Email List

$799.00 (USD)Texas email list database with 8,947,226 records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

If you are in charge of marketing in your company or if you want to promote your own products in the market, several modern techniques are adopted, using advertisements in the press, [...]

$799.00 (USD)
Tennessee Email List

$550.00 (USD)Tennessee  email list database with 2,375,487  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Promotional efforts through email marketing have a good record of success. Creating an email list consisting of potential users of your products and services is the first step in this process. If [...]

$550.00 (USD)
South Dakota Email List

$325.00 (USD)South Dakota email list database with 320,693  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

South Dakota
Whichever state you live in, when you are in business it is essential that there are enough orders for the company to flourish develop and move forward to hire and [...]

$325.00 (USD)
South Carolina Email List

$525.00 (USD)South Carolina  email list database with 1,634,884  records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

South Carolina
There is no difference opinion that email marketing is one of the most effective methods to achieve positive results. Having a correct email list containing addresses of responsive customers makes [...]

$525.00 (USD)
Rhode Island Email List

$375.00 (USD)Rhode Island  email list database with 386,335 records and all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Rhode Island
There are two types of emailing lists. One is used by people for marketing their products and services. Other is one used by people covered by the list to communicate [...]

$375.00 (USD)
Restaurant Mailing List – Restaurant Email List – Restaurant List

$850.00 (USD)Restaurants in the USA – 285,000 Records with all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Sometimes your very special moments can turn into nightmares just because you end up at a restaurant that serves horrible food or plays awful music, has service that makes you want to [...]

$850.00 (USD)
Realtors Email List – Realtors Email Addresses – Realtors List

$650.00 (USD)USA Realtors – 1.4 million records database with all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

USA has realtors in every nook and corner; every town and city has agencies which promise to provide the best real estate agents.  If there are so many why can’t we locate [...]

$650.00 (USD)
Real Estate Land Developers List

$175.00 (USD)US Real Estate Land Developers List Database with 10,155 Records and email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Real Estate Land Developers
Most of us don’t even know the difference between real estate developers and real estate agents. So before we introduce our unbelievably convenient Real Estate Land Developers [...]

$175.00 (USD)
Real Estate Agents Email List Database

$280.00 (USD)
Real Estate Agents email list = 1,4 million records with all details including all email addresses.
File Type: .xls

Real Estate Agents
Investing in the real estate is a big decision and one wrong move can leave a permanent dent on the pocket. The key to make [...]

$280.00 (USD)
Psychologists Email Addresses – Psychologist Email List Database

$425.00 (USD)Psychologists 270,000 records and 10,000 email addresses.
File Type: .xls

When you want to talk to someone, you want to be sure that your privacy will be respected; you need to have that bond of trust. And when you trust your psychologist with the most intimate [...]

$425.00 (USD)
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