To be successful, an online marketing campaign must have email addresses. And, this does not always mean thousands of randomly pulled addresses, this means a number of niche addresses as it pertains to your product or service. In this business, quality is better than quantity. The email harvester we offer is the quickest and most accurate tool to use for harvesting email addresses for a marketing campaign.

If you think about it, emailing thousands of people regarding an online sweater knitting training package, without knowing who you are targeting can hamper your entire plan. Now, finding email addresses of women, in their middle to late age, who have visited pages and requested information about knitting, would yield a successful campaign. This is exactly what EE14 (Email Extractor 14) does. It is a web crawler application that narrows down a select demographic that would be most likely interested in what you are selling; what could be better!

In today’s world, spam is considered spam because it is unwanted mail that shows up in your inbox or spam folder. It is unwanted because you do not fit the bill of an individual interested in the product or service that these email campaigns are selling. However, if you were interested, you might not consider the email spam. You might instead read that email closely and possible request more information, save the page, or even buy something. This is what makes a marketing campaign successful.

EE14 does not only harvest niche emails, it also does it in lightening fast speeds. and power Everyone in the business world understand that time is money. The more time you waste on an insufficient email harvesting program, the more money is being sent down the drain. The EE14 application is very easy to use, fast, and organized. Before the harvest, you can actually change and modify settings to narrow down searches, open them up broader, or target a specific group of individuals; this is the only email harvesting tool you will ever need!

Before downloading this software, most marketing groups ask themselves how this specific piece of software matches up to the alternatives. And, the fact is, it does so with superior results. The email harvesters available out there today do not even come close to EE14. Although there are many benefits associated with using this specific application for harvesting emails, speed is the number one benefit of using Email Extractor 14. Harvesting and compiling email addresses can take hours and bring about inferior results. EE14 works quickly and can be modified in any way to fit your specific needs.

The people at that offer EE14 understand the importance of niche markets and getting emails to the right people. For this reason, thorough testing has been implemented to make this software perfect, and that is just what it is – perfect! And, not only is this email harvester the quickest and most effective, it is the easiest to get. To try it out, simply visit the website for a free trial and give it a shot – you have nothing to loose!

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