Online marketing can be a tricky business. While there are millions of people on the web, making sure the right people see any given advertisement can be quite a struggle. For those who prefer email marketing, collecting a solid assortment of email addresses is critical for success. The process must not only be timely but it also needs to be effective, which is the main reason so many online marketers have turned to for their advertising needs.

To this end, our Email Extractor or Email Spider or Email Grabber or even Email Harvester software is an award winning program. Its main function is to search the web and procure email addresses to use for various marketing purposes. However, unlike other programs, this spider program is specially calibrated to find only email addresses of users that share the necessary interests for the marketing focus. For example, if the services being advertised relate to auto insurance, the spider program will capture only addresses from individuals who are likely to share this interest. Therefore, when the advertisements are distributed, there is a much higher likelihood of eliciting meaningful responses.

While the powerful grabber capabilities offered are compelling in and of themselves, there are more advantages to the program. In addition to these capabilities, the program is easy to use. Download and installation are quick and easy, and the program itself is designed to cater to a wide range of users. The searching possibilities are efficiently laid out, so it is easy to pick and choose the preferred method. Performing a search does not require much work, as the program takes care of all the details, including sorting out duplicate hits.

There are other clear advantages to this program. Not only is it effective in finding viable email addresses, but it also does the work quickly. Manually doing this kind of searching is simply impractical, and competitor programs just cannot compete, since This product works up to seven times as fast. The power is in its multifaceted searching approach, which can allow users to search by keyword, domain name, or file. It is also easy to exclude certain responses, such as specific domain names, to make sure that only the right addresses are harvested during the search. With a user friendly interface, users can easily monitor search progress, and the email addresses can even be seamlessly exported to other programs for the optimum convenience.

For those who are interested in seeing just how powerful this program is, a free download is available for trial purposes. After seeing the useful data this spider program can harvest, it is easy to order a full licensing agreement online. The affordable price provides users with licensing to use the program on multiple computers. The purchase price also includes various functionality perks, including a powerful save feature, which ensures that no data is ever lost, no matter what happens. Users are then also able to receive free lifetime updates to keep the program running smooth and fast for years to come.

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