The award-winning ‘ Email Extractor 14 ‘ software allows you to extract email addresses from the search engines (using your preferred keywords), local files within your computer or from a website.

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Are you wondering what makes our Email Extractor different from all of the other email harvesters out there? When it comes to email harvesting programs our extractor is the clear winner because it has absolutely revolutionary software. For this reason alone Email Extractor 1.4 blows the competition out of the water. So what makes the software so great? Here’s everything you need to know about the software.

Email Extractor 14 Software Description:

Our software has been programmed in a way that we can offer you three separate ways to extract emails with the Internet. The first option is to extract by search keywords. This allows you to find emails that are located on websites or sources with keywords you’re looking for. This can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to market to a certain audience.

To extract by keyword simply enter as many keywords as you wish into the software. Examples include “online shopping” and “play games,” although you can also specify random keywords. The extractor will begin searching the Internet to find websites that rank high on these keywords and then look through them quickly and extract all email addresses found. You’ll also be able to see keywords that are queued for search, along with the option to save keyword searches.

The overview shows you how many emails have been extracted and other important information, such as completed pages and pages left in the queue.

You may also extract email addresses from a specific website. To do this simply enter a starting website into   Email Extractor. Lastly, you may harvest emails from a file you select. The software will automatically detect duplicates and remove them from your list.

As you use the Extractor software you’ll see a list of harvested emails on the right side of the program, along with a keyword for the email and the URL it was found at. Whenever you wish you can choose to save these emails for further use. One of the best features of our product is the advanced filters it uses. You can designate emails with certain words to be ignored; these emails will not be harvested and added to your list when found. For example, selecting “” will prevent all emails with this keyword included to be ignored. You can also choose to ignore emails from certain domain extensions like “.news” or “.exe”.

Lastly, you can also ban websites entirely from being searched, preventing any emails on these websites from being extracted. The Extractor 14 uses these filters to give you complete control and target only the audience you wish. When you use it you’ll be amazed at the advanced filter features as well as the many ways you can choose to extract emails. The results list of all emails extracted is also amazing because it’s simple and easy to use.

Easy To Use

By far this software is easier to use than any other email extracting program on the Internet. While other harvesters will leave you struggling to figure out how to get started Email Extractor  is designed to be powerful but basic. When you first load the program you’ll see it’s divided into two sides. The left side displays everything at a glance to get you going, including places to enter keywords or websites to search. The left side of the program also displays an overview of how many keywords or websites are in the queue and how many emails have been extracted so far. On the right side of the program you’ll see a listing of all emails extracted so far, along with a button to save the emails to your computer on a document. This well laid out program design means you won’t be searching through menus to find the information you need; it’s all right there.

3 Extraction Methods

Email Extractor also does something amazing: it allows you to use three different methods to search for emails on the Internet. One of the most popular is the keyword search because it allows you to find emails that pertain to a particular category, such as travel. You can enter as many keywords as you wish and the program will go through each one. You can also extract emails by website, allowing you to target a specific domain for email addresses. Lastly, you can direct email extractor 14 to a file to search.

Automatic Duplicate Removal

This program also takes the hard work out of email listing for you because it will automatically remove duplicate emails it finds online, but only if you choose. This option can save you tons of time and prevent wasted effort. This is also a feature that is very difficult to find in other email harvesters. One of the main reasons you use an email harvesting program is to save time so why not do it right and look for programs that eliminate time wasting efforts like this?.

Fastest Email Extractor Available

The software has also been shown to be faster than any other email spider online. When compared to the competition Email Extractor ( 14 ) can perform up to 7 times faster. Think of all the time this will help you save! A lot of work went into the development of  our extractor program  to make it stand up to and beat the most expensive email harvesters available. Because of the time that went into programming  you’re guaranteed to see amazingly fast speeds–one of the most important aspects to look for in an email harvester.